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Our RoboTeens are at a critical stage in their educational journey and may now have developed an interest and passion in robotics engineering, technology, coding or related subjects.

But whether or not they already have their eye on a career in these disciplines, there’s much to be gained by our courses.

It’s generally accepted that we don’t yet know what the jobs of the future will look like, but that most new roles will be heavily technology based. Universities and businesses will be at the forefront of this and seek out the very best talent.

In addition to learning and developing a deep understanding of robotic engineering concepts through exciting and cool robot building, our students gain life skills as they work in teams on practical problems in real-time. This means putting forward ideas and learning to test and adapt and them, as well as collaborate in teams, learning and listening to others with respect just as they would in the real world.

Students who enter competitions enjoy a thrilling experience and test of their skills, stepping outside of their comfort zone, building confidence and gaining a sense of achievement from taking part.

Skills check

Social skills in collaborating in teams, communicating their thought processes and ideas and being open and respectful to the ideas and challenges of others
Advanced creativity and problem-solving skills including using data analysis to evaluate the results of their work
Ability to think fast and adapt their ideas in real-time
Development of their interest and passion in STEM subjects and skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Opportunity to act like a real engineer, fantastic grounding for future careers
Seeing mathematical and scientific subjects and concepts put into practice and used in real-life challenges
Emotional skills – building resilience, communication, being inspired