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Does my child need to be good at maths and science to join?
Our classes are for all children and abilities and they inspire, engage and teach through using fun tools like Lego Education for learning.
Do you have to enter competitions?
Absolutely not! Most pupils will attend classes and courses, but competitions will be an opportunity for those who want to get involved. If you would like to know more see our competitions page.
Are courses online or on-site courses?
We have a range of courses online and at Surrey locations, see courses page for more information.
Do we need any special equipment?
No, Lego Education or Arduino kits will be sent out to you for online courses or made available at on-site classes.
My child is ten and mature for their age, can I enter them into a 12+ online course?
If we accept a younger child, we will have to ask you to be present during the lesson with your child for safety and to ensure your child gets the best out of the session.