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Healthy competition and the ultimate sense of achievement

Taking part in national and even international competitions is a fantastic opportunity for the young people who learn robotics engineering with Robofun.

These competitions are an adrenalin-fuelled experience, where our talented engineers work together to build a robot in a competitive environment against time parameters and in front of judges and an audience.

Team members must work together to programme their complex robots to perform tasks accurately, requiring fast thinking, efficient working and slick communication.

Just taking part in these competitions is a major confidence boost for participants and enables their talent and achievements to be recognised by industry experts, enthusiasts, their families and peers.

The Competitions

NRO (National Robot Olympiad)
WRO (World Robot Olympiad)
FLL (First Lego League)
JRFLL (Junior First Lego League)
Line Follow
Ball Collector

Benefits gained from attending competitions

  • Opportunity to demonstrate the talent and skills learnt in lessons and have it recognised in a public setting
  • Develop skills in efficiency, quick thinking, team collaboration
  • An asset for a student’s university application/CV demonstrating passion for the subject and advanced skills
  • Great fun for anyone passionate about robotics to be immersed in a competitive tech environment with like-minded young people