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Meet Mona
A message from the founder….

Hello, I’m Mona, the founder and creator of Robofun.

As a computer engineering graduate, former software programmer, qualified ICT teacher and mum, Robotics Engineering is something I absolutely love.

But what I love even more than the subject itself, is seeing the children I teach fall in love with it too. And not just fall in love with it, but excel, push themselves and find problem solving capabilities they didn’t know they had, resulting in a sense of pride.

Just like any parent and educational professional, I want to see children inspired, thrilled, bursting with confidence and able to take control of their learning journey and achievements.

Did you know?

Robotics engineers design and build machines to do automated jobs in industries like manufacturing, aerospace and medicine.

Did you know?

Artificial intelligence (or AI) is when machines or robots think, learn, and plan for themselves.

And now, with robotics and programming likely to be at the heart of many jobs of the future, we have a fantastic opportunity. To equip and empower the next generation with the right skills, and to do it through engaging, innovative tools, inspirational teaching, and with a focus on collaboration and fun.

It is this that led me to create Robofun.

I want to give parents, schools, children and older students access to the skills they’ll need in the future, and do it with encouragement, support and fun, today.

Our programmes run from age 4-18, we run clubs and classes online and in the community, and we can provide schools with science curriculum workshops or extra-curricular enrichment experiences.