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Put your child
in the driving seat

Does your child love Lego? Tinkering with things to see how they work? Building and creating? Spending time on their tech? Our innovative courses, designed for even the youngest of minds, put confidence-building practical challenges and skills development in your child’s hands. Expertly guided by our qualified teachers, using high quality age-appropriate Lego or Arduino sets supplied by us, your child will have their eyes opened.

They’ll experience first-hand not only the potential of robotic engineering in solving problems, but in their own ability to find, lead and execute the solutions. They’ll also see mathematical and scientific concepts put to practice, helping to improve their engagement and appreciation for these school subjects.


Robotics engineers design and build machines to do automated jobs in industries like manufacturing, aerospace and medicine.

Programming skills
are just the start

Our courses are a foundation for learning programming and robotics – skills we know will be much sought after in the future. We have found a way to deliver these skills to young audiences by teaching them to build and control robots, in other words, machines that move and react.
But our courses offer so much more. When children work in teams, they learn, explore, adapt their ideas and find solutions together. We make sure even the quietest child is heard, and their contributions celebrated. Children also learn resilience, that the first answer is not always the right one but part of the journey. And they’ll develop the skills to think creatively, with the satisfaction of seeing exciting results right before their eyes.