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Welcome to the exciting world of robotics! Get ready to witness young minds showcase their innovation and creativity in the ultimate Robot Competition for participants aged 8 to 14. This competition offers two thrilling categories: Line Follow and Sumo. Whether you prefer programming a robot to follow a line or engage in fierce robotic battles, this competition has something for everyone.

Line Follow category

In the Line Follow category, participants will design and program their robots to autonomously navigate a predefined course marked by a black line. The robots must successfully follow the line, avoiding obstacles along the way, and complete the course in the shortest possible time. It’s a test of precision, speed, and programming skills, challenging participants to come up with the most efficient and reliable robot.

Sumo robot

For those who seek a more intense and competitive challenge, the Sumo category awaits. Here, participants will build formidable robots capable of facing off against each other in a battle of strength and strategy. The goal is to design a robot that can push its opponent out of a ring or immobilize it within a time limit. It’s a thrilling spectacle where robots engage in intense clashes, showcasing their power and agility.

The competition offers a flexible format, allowing participants to choose between online and face-to-face participation. In the online version, participants can submit their robot designs and programming code digitally, and the competition will be conducted remotely, allowing young enthusiasts from all over the world to join in the excitement. For those who prefer a more interactive experience, the face-to-face competition provides a platform for participants to showcase their robots in person, exchange ideas, and compete directly against other talented young minds.

Join us in this incredible journey of robotics, where imagination meets technology and young minds push the boundaries of what robots can achieve. With the Line Follow and Sumo categories, this competition promises to inspire, challenge, and ignite a passion for robotics among participants aged 8 to 14. Get ready to witness innovation, teamwork, and the thrill of competition as we embark on this extraordinary robotic adventure together!

Online£50 per student (ex VAT)
Face to Fcae£50 per student (ex VAT)