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By age 10+ we’re talking tech savvy young people with huge potential. They’re probably already on screens more than you would like, with some understanding of programming and coding and able to tackle quite challenging Lego/Arduino projects.

This is the time to harness this passion for tech and show your ‘tweenager’ just what they can achieve if they apply their skills to practical, but fun, problems.

It’s a great time to encourage a passion for STEM subjects and demonstrate how what they are learning in school applies in the real world.

Our young students love getting stuck in to modelling, analytics and investigating,

Our courses combine critical thinking, collaboration and creativity – all skills for the working world of tomorrow. Add these to your child’s already blossoming talent and interest in engineering and tech, and the world really will be their oyster.

Skills check

Social skills in collaborating in teams, communicating their thought processes and ideas and being open to the ideas and challenges of others
Advanced creativity and problem-solving skills including using data analysis to evaluate the results of their work
Deep exposure to STEM subjects and skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Seeing mathematical and scientific subjects and concepts put into practice and used in real-life challenges
Emotional skills-building resilience, communication, being inspired
Coding and programming skills development e.g. Minecraft, Scratch