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Our little age 6-9 RoboRangers make fantastic students for basic robotic engineering and programming. At this stage, their minds are open to concepts and quick to learn and explore. What children of this age can achieve will astound you, as they grasp the principles of programming through inspiring, exciting, Lego-education based challenges with amazing results and lots of laughs.

Before they know it, they’ll be creating solutions and collaborating in teams, building models, handling sensors and motors, adjusting and learning as they go. They’ll be using their skills in literacy, science and maths as they follow instructions, seeing how these educational concepts apply in real-life.

And what could be better for their development and confidence than building a robot, something really cool, that they can control?

Skills check

Social skills in collaborating in teams and explaining their thoughts and ideas
Creativity enhanced through building and problem solving
Early exposure to STEM subjects and skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Seeing literacy and numeracy skills put into practice and used in real-life challenges
Emotional skills – building resilience, communication, being inspired
Coding and programming skills development e.g. Minecraft, Scratch