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Robotic engineering and programming courses for children as young as 4-6 may seem ambitious. But this is when crucial development starts. We believe it’s never too early to teach children to think like creative problem solvers and introduce them to the principles of STEM. That is what our pre-school robotics course is all about, having fun through role play and story-telling, and encouraging little ones to explore, investigate and discover solutions.

At this age children have an amazing imagination and our Lego Education based course is designed to harness this, with lots of giggles and fun.

We even see children supporting and learning from each other, displaying teamwork skills at an incredibly early age.

Skills check

Social skills in working with other children, helping their friends, explaining what they are doing
Creativity enhanced through using Lego education kits for story-telling, role play and character building
Early practical exposure to STEM subjects and skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Emotional skills – building resilience, communication, being inspired
Coding – incorporates an early introduction to coding